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Today we will get to know the people and landscape of the Nile while travelling to Kairo by train. In the evening you will explore the old town and the most fascinating district, the Islamic quarter, by a private bus.

The Nile is said to be the lifeline of Egypt. The old Egyptians in the time of the Pharaohs knew about that. This is the reason why the Nile was blessed every year. You already heard about this ceremony when you visited the Temple of Karnak. In ancient times, the Pharao went from the Temple of Luxor to the Temple of Karnak along the boulevard of the Sphinxes in order to bless the Nile and to ask for another flooding of the Nile so that the fertile mud and sufficient water would bring another excellent crop on the fields.While travelling in a comfortable train through the lands you will get a sensible impression of what the Nile means to Egypt and why the Pharaohs blessed him and worshipped him as God Sobek.