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Welcome to Egypt

map egypt with pinsYour journey starts and ends in Hurghada at the Red Sea. You are free to book the trip to and from Hurghada by yourself. But we are at your disposal to give you some hints if you need our assistance in finding and booking economic flights.

From Hurghada you head for Luxor, the antique Royal City of Theben. It is called „The Heart of Egypt“ by our Egyptian friends. You will get to know a lot of antique places where you will find the opportunity to meditate.

In Luxor you can also experience the therapy by an Egyptian healer who was able to beware his healing knowledge as a family tradition which goes back to the time of the old pharaohs.

Having left Luxor, you will travel further to Kairo where you can visit the pyramides, the Sphinx and the famous Egyptian Museum where you also find the possibility for a quiet meditation.

You will finalize your journey again in Hurghada where you started some days before. If you like you can take your time for some relaxing days for swimming and diving. It is possible to book this event additionally to our offer.

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