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Today is the day of travelling back to Hurghada, starting at 7.00 a.m. and arriving in time for lunch at 12.00 a.m.

Look forward to your trip to Safaga, situated at the Red Sea, and get inspired by the exciting camel or horse riding.

The time has come now: For the last time of this journey, you will pack your backpack. It will be filled with all the wonderful experiences that you gathered during your trip through Egypt, filled with mental clarity, aims for your life, solutions for your problems concerning your health, fitness, finances, family and yourself. You will get back with the feeling of having had two weeks off at least, I am sure about that, and will be wishing to come back to Egypt soon.

Ahmed, your travel coach, will say goodbye to you at the airport of Hurghada but we are sure that you will have won him as your friend, just like the persons you have seen on the photos.

If you like you can spend some more days in Hurghada and enjoy the time with swimming and diving. For further information concerning prolongation and extra time possibilities please look at the booking site or contact us.

Choukran (The Arabian word for „Thank you“)