Tag7 ahmedI cordially welcome you and I am happy to get you to know and to present you our trip through Egypt.

But at first, please let me introduce myself. My name is Ahmed Hassan. I was born in the holy city of Luxor. My origin and roots are in a holy healer family. After graduating from highschool I studied tourism and history and have been working as tourist guide for 18 years. I speak German, English, Arabian, Slovene and Russian fluently, which is very helpful for my position as a tourist coach. Additionally, I passed an education in alternative medicine and have worked as spiritual healer for more than 20 years.

An old saying of the Egyptian healers tells us that every human being is at home in Egypt:

„If it is not your first home, in any case, it is your second!“

I will guide you to the ancient powerful places of Egypt. There you will find universal energy channels which are unique in the world. This is why you can easily meditate there in order to recharge your energy reserves and to get healed holistically.

You peacefully internalize the magic of these places and integrate it completely into your system.